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Welcome to St Mary’s PTA, Your PTA…

The PTA are always looking for volunteers and helpers with organising, setting up and running events so please don’t be shy, come and get involved!

There are many different ways in which you can be a part of the PTA, it’s not all about meetings and making decisions and you can choose how much time you give.

You may think that PTAs just help raise money and provide the teas and coffees at special events. They often do – but there are many other ways in which our PTA uses its energy and time to make a real difference to the teaching and learning at St Mary’s school.

The events are almost endless, but some typical examples might include

  • organising social events.
  • organising fundraising events.
  • helping to organise and manage school events.
  • Helping to purchase items for the school (these may be small – for example the orange squash for the Sports Day – or large projects, such as agreeing to raise a specific sum towards a new classroom extension!)

Whatever the event or function the PTA need help, here are some of the ways you can help ‐

  • Attend our regular termly meetings in school to see firsthand how the PTA is run and meet the current volunteers.
  • Agree to take part in running a particular stall or fundraising activity at one of the events.
  • Come along and help set up for an event, this is a great way to get involved slowly and to see where you could possibly help out at a future event. If you stay then you can help clear away after the event!
  • Offer specialist services like Baking cakes, biscuits or anything else that can be sold at an event to help raise funds for the school.
  • Approach local businesses or family and friends to offer any of their services that could benefit school.
  • Let us know if you have any ideas for future fundraising events.

So, please don’t be shy, get in touch either by speaking to another PTA volunteer or send us an email or contact the school secretary…. It’s easy and really rewarding both for the School and our children.

Don’t forget, you can also help raise funds by doing your online shopping via the easyfundraising shopping link below, this gives the PTA a donation for every purchase you make (at NO cost to you) at certain stores.

Please feel free to forward this link to friends and family and spread the word.

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